Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Knowledge for Linux

Botting Process in Linux :-

3 Steps :-
1. BIOS execute a short program that is stored in Master Boot Record [MBR] which is written in assembly language.
2.  GRUB Loader [GRand Unified Boot Loader]

You can understand by following image.

How to install google chrome in Backtrack :-

Perform steps - steps as follows:
1. download chromium browser
type the following command in the termina

apt-get install chromium-browser
2. if chromium is directly executed, it will display an error because the defaut chromium should not be run on root privileges. then do the following:
3. go to the folder of chromium-browser
type the following command in the terminal
cd /usr/lib/chromium-browser
4. edit the file using hexedit chromium
type the following command in the terminal
hexedit chromium-browser
5. press tab to move to the mode string

6. press ctrl + s to perform a search geteuid
7. geteuid change with getppid
8. press crtl + x to exit


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