Sunday, March 10, 2013

Script for Mid sem Review

Good morning sir and all

My self Bhadreshsinh Gohil Enrollment number is 111060751030.
I m going to present my thesis on Federated Network Security Administration Framework.
My guide is Dr. Sandeep K. Joshi, Rishi K. Pathak, Swarup sir from C-DAC, Pune.

I m stating my speech with Introduction of Web application.
Now a days Web applications are the heart of all business. We can see that most of the business in the world are depend on web. All the field in the world connected with some web application like hospital, government web site, all businesses, banks, education, Multi national corporation, ISP, Defenses.
So we can says that web application is the heart of all the field.

But due to increase of internet into this world. Now a days security is the major concerns for this all web sites which is public ally hosted.
Now I m going to show you last year web attack on web site.
Attacks in 2012.
I m going fast in this attacks because of time limit.
The first news is FB helps FBI shut down Butter fly botnet.

Next one is Yahoo mail haijacking explits. Next one......

So this all are the latest attack which was occurred in 2012.

For this reason hosting a web application into public zone it is very risky. To resolve this risk, It is good to develop one framework to remove all this vulnerability and than hosting this web application into public zone[DMZ zone].The proposed system is designed for finding vulnerability into web application using OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project).

This is my objective of thesis.

Now I m going to show you Literature survey of this thesis.

This all are my references.
And This is my acknowledgment to my guide for help me during this semester.

Thank you.
Any question ???


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