Monday, April 8, 2013

Linux Practical

Hello Friends

There are lots of things to do with Linux which can be useful while you are going for interview of Linux Admin or system admin.

Some basic question should be asked during your interview.

So you have to do lots of stuff for that.

So lets start the list of question should be asked during interview.

1. Tell me your back ground about your education and professional level.
2. Tell me the Linux Booting process.
3. How to increase the root partition in linux?
4. How to increase the size of /opt partition?
5. How to take backup using DD command.
6. what is rsysnc???
7. How to use LVM??
8. Tell me about dmesg??
9. Tell me different option of netstat??
10. How to manage packages??
11. How to mount NFS?
12. How to use squid?
13. What is the use of swap space?
14. How to configure snort?
15. Expalin tftpboot to install linux in network?
16. How to block IP address using iptables?

Some Points to become a good Linu admin or System  Admin

1. Backupp everything and validate this backup.
2. Mastering the command line. [ Do not use GUI]
3. Automate Evrything [ Learn Scripting]


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